These are my sires.They live together for the most part, except Titan who is a bully and can't live with the other males.


This is Dakota, he is a Black Mask Brindle Male and he was born July 15 2005. His mother is DyerDyer and his father is Shiloh. This boy weighs around 89 pounds and is a big baby. He loves to lay next to me, smack me with his paws to get me to play with him. He is the brother to VooDoo, my white boxer. I fell in love with them both because I saw how big Dakota's paws were and knew he would be a big boy.



This is Titan, He is a Flashy Reverse Seal. He was born July 26th 2007. He weighs 68 pounds. His mother is Stone Coal's Jade and his father is Stone Coals Koalton.  His breeder is Tracy. She lives in Illinois. and breeds a lot of Reverse Seal Boxers. I hope to buy 2 more from her. He loves to get in the puppy pens and plays with the babies when they are old enough to play. He is very careful getting and out of the pen so he doesn't hurt one of them. PLEASE EXCUSE THE MUD ON CLOTHES AND FLOOR.THE DOGS WERE PLAYING OUT IN THE MUD AND SNOW BEFORE COMING IN TO GET WORMED!



This is Voodoo, he is a solid white Sire and the love of my life. He was born July 15, 2005. He weighs 70 pounds. His mother is DyerDyer, and his father is Shiloh.
I wanted a white boxer for many years and could never afford one. When Sherrill [a friend and breeder] became ill she gave me DyerDyer to breed, knowing that DyerDyer always had at least one white boxer every litter. Her father had been white as well. I took DyerDyer, not knowing this. I was very surprised when I helped her deliver one white male puppy. He was mine as soon as I laid my eyes on him. This guy is brother to Dakota. They grew up together and do just fine as long as a Dam is not in heat. PLEASE EXCUSE THE MUD ON CLOTHES AND FLOOR. THE DOGS WERE PLAYING OUT IN THE MUD AND SNOW BEFORE COMING IN TO GET WORMED! 

                                                                              Shiloh Retired

This is Shiloh, he is a Flashy Fawn Male. He was born July 29, 2001. His mother is Sierra and his Father is Von Brigadier. He is the dog I saved and gave to Jim Abshire. When Jim moved out, he couldn't take Shiloh with him so I take care of him. He is Sire one the home page. 

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